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Better Blood Draw, IVs, & Shots Coaching

Want more information, or one-on-one support to help guide your child through a better shot, blood draw or needle poke? And yes, I work with adults too! 

I offer phone coaching or if you live in the SF Bay Area I offer face-to-face coaching. I suggest at least 2-3 sessions (1.5 hours for first session and 1 hour afterward) for best results. In some cases, if your child or you have had years of challenging draws or IV pokes you may need a few extra sessions.

Session 1. You tell me your story. I learn about your child (or you)! We create a plan together. We decide what tools will best support you.

Part II: I train you (the parent, teen or you) on how to use the tools we’ve chosen. We review all the steps you will incorporate into the before, during and aftermath of your lab visit. We discuss how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Session 2. Follow up. We talk about how it went. What worked? What still needs work? What else might you need going forward?

Additional sessions available as needed.

The first session is 2 hours total and costs: $150-200 (Sliding scale)

This session includes a 1.5 hour phone or in person meeting, plus a 30 minute follow up. I ask that you pay the maximum you’re able to. This allows me to continue doing this important work.

All sessions after this are 30 minutes: $75 or 1 hour: $125

If you have a financial hardship I have a few spots available for single parents, students, and families in need. Talk to me.

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Speaking Engagements/ Lectures

I also offer group workshops on Better Shots, Blood Draws & Needle Pokes.

I also offer referrals in the Bay Area & parent education around some of the progressive and cutting edge medications and nutritional supports available for children with mood challenges and/or Congential Hypothyroidism. I do not prescribe medication, or vitamins, but I will share the research on diet, nutrition, and parenting solutions that may support your child’s ability to thrive.

Who Am I?


I’m the mother of two incredible fraternal twin boys, who are now tweens. I have a Master’s in Social Work from Hunter College, an MFA in Writing from University of San Francisco, and  BA from Princeton University. I am also a writer and a writing coach. I am passionate about the environment, integrative medicine, raising mindful children, and how we parents can mother ourselves so that we can keep on doing our best each and every day. Thank you for visiting!

Want to book me for your free 25 minute consult? Want me to speak at your parents’ group? Have a burning question? Please contact me!